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Newsletter December 2017

Staff Changes

We are very pleased to welcome back Dr Emily Loan from maternity leave. Emily will be working part-time on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
We warmly welcome Dr Yukio Flinte who will be joining our team part-time after having locumed for us much of last year.
We also welcome Dr Laura Garlick, our new registrar who will be training with us for 6 months, and will be supervised by both Dr Samantha Murton and Dr Geetha Cox.
Dr Geetha Cox will be on leave throughout January. Dr Geetha’s regular patients will be able to see the Duty Doctor any time during this period.

Patient Feedback Survey

Thanks to those who have taken the time to complete the national online survey.
This is now part of our regular practice and we appreciate the feedback we received and actively use this information to improve our service.

New Phones

We are pleased to announce we have upgraded our phone system.
We thank you in advance for your patience as we get used to our new system.
You now have the option of leaving a message on the script phone line, as well as the email script line for repeat scripts only.
Please note: this is only for non-urgent scripts.
If you require a script on the day please phone reception before midday. There is an extra charge for this service.

New Fees

Our fees will be increasing on 1 January 2018.
We have a schedule available online at and at reception in the New Year.
These include:
13-17yrs - $26 / 18-24yrs - $36 / 25-64yrs - $40 / over 65 - $26

ManageMy Health

ManageMy Health is an online Patient Portal available to registered patients 16yrs and over. It can be used to book non-urgent appointments (with your own doctor only), request repeat scripts and access test results.
Fees do apply for scripts and any email consults.
Please enquire at reception if you would like to sign up.



Christmas Hours

We will be closing at midday on Friday December 22nd, and will resume our normal business hours on Wednesday 3rd January.
When we are closed please contact:
Wellington Accident & Urgent Medical ,
17 Adelaide Rd, Newtown, Wellington
Open every day 8am-11pm
Ph: (04) 384-4944
Wellington Hospital Emergency Dept
Riddiford St, Newtown, Wellington
Healthline 0800 611 116 - 24 hour

We wish you all a very happy and
restful Christmas Season!


From all the staff at Capital CareDon’t forget to cover up over the summer both your body and your food!


Primary care patient experience survey

primary care patient experience surveyYour general practice or community health clinic may begin participating in a new national survey in 2016 to find out what your experience with health care is like and how your overall care is managed.

Taking part is voluntary and anonymous.

If you take part, your privacy will be protected throughout the process. Your practice will need to share your contact details, including email address and mobile number, only so that you may receive an email or text invitation to complete the survey online.

By taking part in the survey, you would be helping to improve care and access to health services in local communities across New Zealand.

Key benefits of participating

The survey enables you to have a voice and the health teams that care for you can hear it through a direct and timely link.

How will you be surveyed?

If you have been to your GP or nurse during a survey sample week you may receive a unique link to complete the survey online. Invitations will be emailed or texted to you through a national system.

Can patients complete the survey at the practice eg, while they wait?

We are testing and considering in situ surveying, where patients can complete the online survey while at the practice. If successful, this method may be available for the August 2016 survey in some practices.

Who will be surveyed?

There has been a phased roll-out of the survey beginning in February 2016. For this round, patients enrolled with and seen by participating practices in the period 8–14 August 2016 may be sent a survey via email or SMS during the week of 24 August 2016. Children under 15 will not be surveyed.

How often will patients be surveyed?

The survey will be conducted nationally every three months. You won’t be asked to participate more than once every six months. In fact there is only a 19.8 per cent chance of a patient that sees a doctor or nurse once a month receiving the survey twice in a year.

Why is the survey being introduced?

Understanding patients’ experience is vital to improving patient safety and the quality of care. It helps us understand the quality of health and disability services. Currently New Zealand does not have a consistent national approach to collection, measurement and use of primary care patient experience information on a regular basis.

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